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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Generous Tide Lifts All Boats

Although I've only been in the Teachers Pay Teachers Community for about a month I've started to follow a few teachers closely. One of my favorite bloggers and authors on Teachers Pay Teachers is Doc Running, who teaches Math and Social Studies with a student-centered approach that allows students to be the active agents of their learning through workshops and activities. Even more, the blog feels like a TpT hub--she really goes the extra mile for his peers at Teachers Pay Teachers. Recently she posted a couple thoughtful introductions of new sellers on TpT. She's also got well articulated opinions about education policy, and these are also sprinkled throughout the blog. To me, Doc Running is emblematic of the value of Teachers Pay Teachers as a forum for sharing ideas and resources, and for helping elevate the profile of individual teachers and the profession in general. Check it out!

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